KORG   X50 Oriental Package.
Arabic Scale Box & Professional Arabic Sound Collection
Will turn your X-50 to a serious oriental keyboard ideal to be
on top of any arranger and for musicians who travel frequently
           * 300 USD*   FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING   
Oriental Arabic Scale Box for Triton Extreme Released.
Scale boxes for other Korg and Roland keyboards are
also available in
products page.  
New special price
225 USD*
New  16MB Arabic Flash Card for Korg PA-80
* 300 USD *
Studio quality Arabic percussions, plus Vocals and selection of  real
Arabic instruments samples

Chaabi samples from the famous EXB Moss

Arminian Solo Sounds

96 rhythms made by a selection of famous musicians covering all Arabic
styles: "
Dance, Tarab, Kaliji and Chaabi.

The card comes with 160 Performances and Intros for the last Arabic
For more info send email to: admin@orientalkeyboard.com

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*140 USD*
                 KORG   Tr Oriental Package.
Arabic Scale Box &  Arabic Sound Collection on SD card
High quality Oriental Samples for Cord, Wind and Percussion
         * 325 USD*   FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING       
Spare Parts
for all models
at best prices
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                                                                             New from Korg      PA500 ORT
For the first from Korg , Oriental Professional Arranger with External Realtime Scale Bottons, more than
100 Oriental Styles and High quality Oriental Sounds (Kanoun, Oud, Nay, Kawala,etc...) from Factory, Plus
our Oriental Keyboard added Set.                       
              * 1499USD*                 
AK-2 Pro World Scale Tuning
is a MIDI device that converts a
wide range of synthesizers to a
specific Scale Tuning. It can
adjust the pitch of each note in
the octave (C to B) to  -64 to
+63 cents
* 350USD*